About Me

Hey there - I'm Shelly :)

I'm a lover of travel, amazing food, and... of course... luxury designer duds. And if you can get them at a discount - why not?

So, here's my story: I grew up in the small mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. I know what you're thinking... where?? It is actually the most amazing place. The Vail of Idaho, only with more wealth per capita. Because of the abundance of money in our tiny town, our thrift stores are seriously the best. As a 15 year old high school student I was finding Prada shoes, Kipling bags, TSE cashmere sweaters... seriously. It's crazy. So, it goes without saying, I grew up with a taste for the finer things in life :)

Once I was finished with high school in Sun Valley, I decided to go from one resort town to another and went to college for fashion design on Maui, Hawaii. While in school I began working for some amazing luxury goods companies, including 5 years as an assistant manager at Bottega Veneta. 15 years of luxury sales and being on the receiving end of amazing discounts (we're talking up to 90% off last seasons items... I know, right??), it became nearly impossible for me to justify buying a designer - well - anything at full retail price. A few years of painfully paying full price for those amazing Gucci sunglasses, I discovered the world of real luxury consignment. This wasn't my small town thrift store anymore!

Seriously like-new or gently worn items at prices that didn't break the bank, and I wanted in. I worked for 5 years, on and off, at a local luxury consignment store - learned the ropes (thanks Carol!) - and decided it was time to set off on my own. 

I love the hunt, I love meeting amazing women and men who have the same appreciation for insanely well made luxury fashion, and I love connecting clients with a piece of fashion they never imagined they could afford. 
I'm so excited to share what we already have in stock - you guys - it's seriously incredible. Check out my insta (@en_vogue_consignment) for updates. I hope I can help you find some amazing pieces!